Dit artikel werd gepubliceerd in 2019 terwijl ik voor ING werkte maar is nog steeds zeer relevant.

Do you feel contracted, tension or stress when it comes to money? Do you experience feelings of guilt, shame, anger, or fear? Perhaps you feel little, very little, when it comes to money, or you dissociate yourself entirely when you think about it. Well, actually this is very common, and…there is another way!

Imagine: two months from now. Your life is the same, but something has shifted. You are now aware of your wealth, you have invested your assets well, and you have a good financial planning. You are there now. Just picture it, for a moment. How would that feel? Is it complete? Is anything missing?

Yes, plenty is missing! There is more to it! Actually, we tend to overemphasize and cling to money.

If this resonates, or even if you feel a strong aversion, then there is a good chance that you could benefit from reading on.

Nowadays, I have the privilege of asking my clients what truly moves them; what inspires them. Now, better than ever before, I am able to be present and listen. Really listen. The end result is a practical and doable plan towards direct execution.

So what is so special about that?

If and only if, I do my work well, your most perfect life can emerge, including all of your aspirations, your desires, unfulfilled and postponed dreams. This is not a soul searching exercise, on the contrary. We will design a custom strategy that works for you and an abundance of energy to go out and actually do it right away.

Nelson Mandela quoted Marianne Williamson: “Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” 

If you are looking for someone who can hold space for your complete personality and not just for your money, I am here for you. Shortly after, you will be able to articulate a vision. A vision that is uncompromised, compelling and congruent. 

I promise that I will be free from expectations and to listen to you. There will be no unnecessary financial products, yet a sound and hands-on financial planning* and investment strategy can be part of this process. But only after a thorough exploration of what really inspires you. This way the money follows you instead of …exactly, the other way around.

So… feeling curious? Empowered? Hesitant? Then there is a good chance that there is something to explore. Right now? Why not! I am part of a worldwide network of Registered (Financial) Life Planners and engaged financial professionals.


I work exclusively for ING, but this article is written by me on my personal note and does not reflect the opinion, a policy or product from ING. I am a Federatie Financial Planner (FFP/CFP) and Registered Life Planner (RLP®)**

 **Copyright Kinder Institute and references

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